About the Cavvy

We are a small local breeder located in Cody Wyoming, 56 miles from the east entrance to Yellowstone. In 2009, we purchased a herd of horses which consisted of 5 broodmares , their stallion, and their previous 2 generations of colt. After careful consideration, we decided to geld our stallion Peppy and let him live out his days happy with our other geldings and breed to outside stallions as a way of matching the best stallions to our mares.

 Today we have colts available at all ages, including 2 year olds, 3 year olds, 4 year olds and some ranch broke horses as well.

We believe very strongly in trying to keep horses as natural as possible and
therefore all of our colts are mixed in with the herd. We feel this creates a positive atmosphere where they can learn from the older horses and get a feel for boundaries. All of our colts are halter brook before they leave their mothers. They are trimmed regularly from the time they were 4 months of age, or earlier depending on their needs. 

We are also a family run business. Each of us has our own part to play in the
ranch operation. From training the horses, to ranch maintenance, and getting the chores done during the day, it definietly pays to have good people around.

What is a Cavvy? A "cavvy" is a group of ranch horses. The word comes from the term "cavvietta," derived from Spanish and referring to the whole herd of horses that a ranch owns.

When the colts first came to the property back in early 2009, we had a lot of people out to see the new colts. An old cowboy stopped by and made the off hand comment about what a nice "cavvy" we had, we had never heard of the term so he explained it to us in the most basic form. After a while as the herd grew it beome a joke that we had a large "cavvy", And as these things tend to do, the name just stuck!

Our goal is to put out good horses, not just a ranch horse, or a reining prospect, but a good horse that someone can take and just be safe around. That is our number one priority. We are not just in the business of selling horses, we are in the business of producing good horses that people will want to have for life.

We are honest. If you ask a question about a horses potential, you will get our honest opinion.
We are not horse traders, all of these horses we are selling have been with us since birth, or right after.
We are invested in our horses futures, and with the AQHA are horses are sold enrolled in the Green Pastures Program.

Our business model is simple;
"Getting good, From the Start."
We believe in a solid foundation from day 1.
 We start our horses depending on their needs, not ours.

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